Pink Jeep Tours Sedona - Touch the Earth Vortex Tour

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Sedona's Vortex Tour! Sedona’s stunning beauty has attracted visitors for millennia from the ancient hunter-gatherers to the vacationers and spiritual seekers of today. Both the believer and the skeptic are curious about the vortex concept and want to explore the facts behind the myths and legends. Sedona may be naturally conducive to meditation simply because of its awesome beauty, or perhaps the region’s geology and ecology interact with the atmosphere in a unique way… whatever the case, Sedona is a sacred place. This insightful tour will explore the science, history, cultural and metaphysical beliefs of these power spots so you can draw your own conclusions. Whether it’s a spiritual quest you are on or whether you simply want to relax and see the red rocks, come with them and experience it for yourself! We’ll take you to special places of beauty and tranquility and let you see the magic of this amazing place. Come touch the earth with them!

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