Marushin C 609 Tachy, jet helmet

$ 105.38

Open face helmet with fiberglass helmet shell Marushin®-Cool interior Pinlock® prepared Micro ratchet closure stainless steel Very easy Integrated sun visor Compact size of the helmet shell, 2 sizes Well suited for eyeglass wearers Prepared for the installation of communication systems Weight: 1,250 g (+/- 50 g) Exam: ECE 22/05 This helmet comes standard with a clear visor.
Although the C-610 focuses on driving pleasure and reducing to the essentials, special attention has been paid to safety and comfort during the development of this helmet.
Not only does the C-610 boast a newly developed, temperature and humidity regulating comfort interior, it will also attract many fans due to its record breaking weight of just 1,250g (+/- 50g) and its compact design.
material Newly developed, aerodynamically optimized fiberglass helmet shell in two shell sizes from an extremely lightweight, yet high-strength material composition.
ventilation The completely redesigned ventilation system optimized in the wind tunnel now allows even more air to flow into the helmet via multiple air inlets and outlets. Of course, all slides with gloves are easy to operate.
interior decoration The Marushin®-Cool interior with improved moisture absorption and faster drying for a comfortable fit effectively inhibits odor and bacteria formation. The head and cheek pads are completely removable and washable.
The newly developed cheek pads provide a comfortable fit for the helmet even on long tours and are designed so that eyeglass temples can easily fit. The installation of a communication system is, of course, uncomplicated.
visor Clear, scratch-resistant. Novel integrated sun visor, which does not affect the safety in the forehead of the helmet due to the perfectly coordinated shock absorbing styrofoam core.
shutter Micro ratchet closure - all components relevant for safety are made of stainless steel. The renunciation of plastic provides maximum security. The closure is easy to use and easy to adjust.

Category: Sports, Equipment
Brand: Marushin
Product Code: 9060_8283_18084
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