The Source Professor Pengelly's Brain Teasers - Set of 5 Puzzles

$ 12.34

Do you like to tease your brain so hard that it starts listening to sad
acoustic rock, dyes its hair black, and considers switching schools? Well
then, you’ll love this set of 5 Professor Pengelly’s brain teasers!

Yep, ordinarily one brain teaser is enough, but this brain-bruising set
comes with a whopping 5 puzzles – 3 made from wood and 2 from metal. And,
it’s not like there’s one main teaser that goes in hard while the others
stand around and egg it on. Each one is as diabolical as the next!

In this set you’ll find the Stumble Stack, the Tricky Triangle, the
Conundrum Cross, the Tantalizing Twist, and the Confusing Cluster. They’re
all ready for you to unbox and tackle them with the greatest of tease!

Key Features
• It's a Set of 5 Mind-Melting Brain Teasers
• Contains 3 Wooden and 2 Metal Puzzles
• Puzzles are Made with a Finish
• Perfect for Anyone Who Likes to Challenge their Brain

Packaging Measures Approx. 26 cm x 16 cm x 5 Cm
Material: Steel + Plastic
Recommended Age: 6-12 years old

Box Contents
1 x Professor Pengelly's Brain Teasers - Set of 5 Puzzles

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