ammoon DM-DX8 5-Piece Professional Wired Drum Set Microphone Mic Kit

$ 187.99

features high resolution for sound reproduction, rugged and fashionable microphone body construction, aluminum carrying case for convenient carry. Features: Professional wired microphones kit specially designed for drum set or other percussion instruments. Including 1 big drum microphone, 2 small drum microphones and 2 condenser microphones for capturing different sounds. Big drum microphone features full low frequency response, good for bass drums or other low frequency instruments. Small drum microphone features well designed low and mid frequency, ideal for Tom-Toms and snare drums. Condenser mic features wide frequency response and high frequency resolution, suitable for cymbals and hi-hat. Durable metal construction, gold-plated balanced XLR connectors with excellent conductibility. Each microphone is designed with standard 3/8 5/8 thread to match different types of microphone stands, and also with drum mounts for fixing the microphone to drum rims . Comes with a aluminum carrying case with foam inside for convenient carry and storage.

Category: Electronics,
Brand: ammoon
Product Code: 756_11281_I3438-2
Availability: In Stock
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