UV LED Mosquito Killer Camping Lamp

$ 26.19

Features: It is designed with 4 pcs UV LED beads (360-400nm),3 pcs white light LED, playing an important role in killing mosquitoes and providing perfect illumination. Three working modes for left button, first press is to light up the weak light, second press is to light up the medium light. The third press is to light up the high bright light and long press 3s for turning off. The right button is UV LED for killing mosquito. Long lifespan of LEDs is up to 50,000 hours, cost-saving, user-friendly. Mosquito killing range is up to 50-100 square meters, wide coverage, and safe protection. It's powered by USB charger, USB power bank or laptop, so it is convenient when you want to use it. When the brightness is dimming, please check its battery volume and its thoughtful design of indicator lamp will light in red color while it is charging and when it is fully charged the light will turn into green light. Mini size and light weight make it carry easily and free up more place for you. Detachable lamp shape, you can use it as the lamp shape for gathering light or you can use it as lamp base for functioning as decorative light. With portable hanging yoke design, you can hang it on anywhere you like for freeing up more space or you can put it on the needed place. Be widely used in bedroom, study room, caf shop, restaurant etc.

Category: Sports, Outdoor
Brand: other
Product Code: 2432_11281_L2234
Availability: In Stock
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