Joseph Sense Coil Spring Memory Foam Divan Bed

$ 349.11 $ 498.73

This fantastic bed uses open coil technology, enabling it to take various weights and sizes whilst still providing great support. To enhance comfort, this bed also features layers of memory foam. Memory foam responds to body heat, naturally moulding it to the contours of the body, providing correct posture for a more support night's sleep. The Sense is also a non-turning mattress, meaning only end to end rotation is required. Finished in a soft knit fabric the mattress has vents in the sides that allow the mattress to breathe allowing the mattress to control airflow within it ensuring a great night's sleep. The matching divan base also comes with side or end storage in any combination.

Category: Home Improvement, Furnishings
Brand: Joseph Furniture
Product Code: 1461_266475_118-6
Availability: In Stock

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