Universal PALO M705 Intelligent Battery Charger

$ 10.99 $ 19.63

Features: Powerful Compatible: Intelligent computer chip control, stable current charging mode ensures that the battery finishes fully charging, suitable for 3.7V lithium battery (18650, 16340, 17670, 18500, 17500, 17335, etc.). LED Indicator Light: It indicates the state of charge during the whole process, showing high-end intuitive, convenient for you to check battery status at anytime. Over-current Protection: Constant current charging mode can prevent current fluctuations on the battery. With a short circuit protection device, it can prevent short circuit and ensure safe use. Temperature Protection: When then battery or charger temperature during charging ( 60 start) is too high automatically stop charge. Convenient Design: The retractable shrapnel can be adjusted according to battery size of the battery. And the small size of the charger is convenient for you to take.

Category: Electronics, Power Supply
Brand: palo
Product Code: 758_11281_V3837EU
Availability: In Stock

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