Captain Hook Pirate Ship - Lobster Dinner

$ 55.67

During the dinner you will be served by the pirates themselves while Captain Hook tells you about his adventures on the Spanish Main. But be careful, while you are eating, another ship is silently approaching in the darkness, preparing to board the galleon. No need to be afraid, Captain Hook discovers the enemy’s ruse and orders his men to take up battle stations, the cannon are ready to fire. Pirates armed to the teeth with cutlasses and pistols jump from the rigging down to the decks where a sword fight ensues between the crew and the enemy pirates with amazing sound and light effects.  And all this excitement you’re bound to be feeling hungry so it’s time to sit down at Captain Hook’ s table for a banquet where you can feast on delicious lobster as well as a buffet of salads, steamed vegetables, pirate rice, baked potatoes, grilled chicken and dessert. As well as unlimited Mexican drinks throughout the voyage.  Come with us on this adventure on the high seas.

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