NILLKIN Magic Disk 4 Fast Wireless Charger Strong Compatibility Intelligent Chip Security Protection LED Lights Wireless Charger For iPhone 8 X Samsung Galaxy S8 Note 8

$ 25.44

Features: Compatible Model: Qi standard mobile digital devices Fast Charge: Fully upgraded, supports 9V high-speed fast charging mode, increse 40% of charging speed, leads to a new era of wireless charging. Efficient Conversion: Conforms to WPC Qi wireless charging standard, conversion rate up to 80%, auto stand-by when fully charged, effectively reduce energy. Intelligent Protection: It's high voltage input on fast charge mode, Magic Disk 4 will automatically stops work when voltage is unstable or higher, protects the devices and phone effectively. High-quality Material: The surface cover is made of tempered glass, which os tough and durable; the shell is made of ABS material, lightweight and smooth. White LED Light: The white LED light is so soft and not glaring, makes the surrounding environment more comfortable and warm. Intelligent Identification: First function of latest WPC Qi standard which can intelligently recoginize metal objects so as to avoid the system over-heating or overloading.

Category: Phones, Accessories
Brand: nillkin
Product Code: 1908_11281_PAI0021B
Availability: In Stock
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